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7 Advantages That will Help you Decide – Travel alone? 

What are the advantages of traveling alone?

When you take the step and for the first time you dare to take a trip you only have before you a world of possibilities. Only you decide how the story of that trip will be and how you want to face it.

And that is a feeling of 100% freedom that you will never forget.

1. Know yourself

You will spend a lot of time with yourself, so if you do not support yourself, you will tell me who is going to do it. Do not waste this great opportunity to listen to you, to know you better and know what you really like and what you do not.

You will discover amazing things about you.

Do not waste ALL your time doing anything just for the sake of “being alone.” It is clear that there will be circumstances in which you can take advantage of these dead times that occur in solo travel (and in the company too) to read ( invest in you: read ), write, study, etc.

But do not fall into the error of not taking advantage of this situation to make a stop and see what is inside you:

  • How you felt before starting the trip.
  • How you feel during the trip.
  • How do you think you ‘ll feel when you come home?

If the answers to these questions cause an improvement in your mood and a smile. You are going the good way.

And since you are, go for all and try to answer:

  • Do I feel good about my current job?
  • What do I want to change my life?
  • When will I do it?
  • Define objectives and goals.

Do you only do this at the end of the year and then in February you forget half?


The best time to mark a turning point is during a solo trip.


  1. You have more time to reflect.
  2. Your feeling of greater freedom to have no “obligations” during the trip makes your head go further and reach points that would be difficult to reach otherwise.

Did you know that within a single trip you can discover many different destinations?

Well, when you travel only one of those destinations you will be yourself. Do not close and give yourself a vacation with yourself.

2. Meet many more people and improve your social skills

When traveling with a partner you are more socially closed. You already have someone to support you if things go wrong, with whom to laugh when the situation requires it or with whom to enjoy the landscape.

If you travel with someone you create a circle in which you can let more people in or not. We have control.

On the other hand, when you travel alone, you are much more socially open.

You know more people. First, because you will seek it, and second because they will also relate more to you. There is no circle here, you do not have security. By necessity, you will be more sociable and many more doors will open.

Among other trips, I have toured Brazil alone for almost 3 months. And for a month and a half the Balkans. Being alone, people came to me anywhere to ask me how I was, where I was from, what I was doing there, what I thought of their country, etc.

Minimum 2-3 people / day.

In the trips in which I have been accompanied by a person, the average has been 2-3 people/month.

If the group grows, relations with the natives decrease.

This is inversely proportional and has nothing to do with your degree of extroversion. The locals do not care if you are shy or not, they are curious and when you go alone they lose the fear of asking.

Tested for 5 years of travel.

If you are an introvert and would like to change this aspect you have a great platform: Social Skill.

3. You can do what you want and when you feel like it

You do not have to answer to anyone or agree with your partner to decide what to see, what and where to eat, when to go to the bathroom, who consult the map, or who asks how to get to that site. You decide everything, which is infinitely more pleasant. Do not waste your time in discussions. Do not repress yourself for things that you stop seeing or doing for the other person and vice versa.

And this exponentially increases your sense of freedom.

In addition, you are 100% free to find the best way to earn money while traveling and extend your trip as much as you want.

4. Improvisation ability

My favorite.

You can skip your plans to do what comes out of the balls every time an opportunity arises.

On the coast of Croatia, I completely changed my route to go to  Hvar, Korčula or the Krka National Park to work in an art gallery. This led Marijeta (my former boss) and me to come together again in Madrid to do an exhibition together in the late autumn of 2014. In addition, we also did a little RoadTrip around Spain.

If you want to know what a RoadTrip is and why you should do one, enter here.

Whenever you choose a path, you lose another. You never know what you’re going to win or what you’re going to lose. So simply follow your instinct and fully enjoy your choice, whatever it may be. The freedom to improvise during the trip also led me to join the adventure of someone I had just met and who was going to a great place where I wanted to go. Again I also went to the party with some great chicxs that I met in a cafeteria.

On the other hand, I joined a cycling route through some Dutch villages that I would never have imagined existed.

When you travel you will only develop your instinct, a capacity that we have atrophied because we do not pay attention to it.

Let yourself go.

5. Intimate relationships

When you go alone the chances of knowing a person and falling in love with them, or having a relationship of a few days or a few hours triples.

I’ve lived in Brazil (you can see it in this article ), in Malta or in Turkey (if you know me one day ask me about Turkey because I can only tell you in private about the seriousness of the matter). If you are in low hours, do not feel good sentimentally or you need to find someone who understands you, do not hesitate and go on a trip alone.

I do not tell you that you are going to find what you expect, on the contrary, you will find what you do not expect.

6. If you are a photographer or you love photography

When I traveled with several people, not all of them wanted to do it at my own pace.

Travel photographers go slow, sometimes very slow.

We may want to return to a place because we know that the next day will make better time, a better light at a certain time or something unusual will appear. I returned to Bahia (from Brasilia about 2 and a half hours flight plus another 2 bus from Salvador to Praia do Forte) because when I was there the first time they told me that in a month and a few whales would start to pass by there.

What decent person would have spent a fortune on a plane to go to a place where he had already been to photograph whales and dolphins?

7. When you start you can not stop

I still do not know a person who has gone on a trip alone and has not repeated. I’m not saying I have not had bad experiences. Eye here, all of us who have traveled alone have experienced very difficult situations and hard times. But what you learn, the experiences you live, and more than that, how you live them, the friends you make along the way, your personal development …

When putting all this on a scale there is nowhere to compare.


And you repeat.

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London has been, is and will be fashionable. Although at first glance it looks like a city that is somewhat repellent, with bad weather, somber, vain, and sometimes badly educated, it has something that strongly attracts everyone who visits it. Maybe not right now, we can not call it love at first sight, it’s something that is entering little by little until you win.

If you have also been bitten by the worm of London, you will surely come up with a few tips for your trip and avoid some shit than another.

Here are 10 tips for traveling to London :

1. Prepare the visit with a book or movie

If you want to start living your trip from the sofa or armchair in your house in advance, here we recommend a few movies and books to let you take the current or past London:

Movies: Love Actually, Notting Hill, Match Point, The Bridget Jones Diary, The King’s Speech, Harry Potter, Sweeney Todd, The Da Vinci Code, 28 days later, Sherlock Holmes.

Books : London Stories (Enric Gonzalez), Oliver Twist (Charles Dickens), This is London (Sasek Minolslav), The portrait of Dorian Gray (Oscar Wild), London (Virginia Wolf), London (Edward Rutherfurd), Story of two cities (Charles Dickens), The great mystery of Bow (Israel Zangwill), Meanwhile in London (Rebeca Rus).

2. Where to change euros for pounds

Hold on, resist the temptation to do it at the airport. The idea is to change in some exchange house in the center of the city, which is usually concentrated in the stations and tourist places. And do not do it in the first one you find, compare prices and decide after visiting several. Nor do banks usually offer bargains. Our recommendation is to use the card for all the payments we can, change little at the airport (an amount of security), and make the fat change in the exchange house that offers better rates.

3. How to get from the airports

London is connected to the rest of the world through six airports: Heathrow, Gatwick, Luton, Stansted, London City and Southend. Until they arrive several low-cost airlines in some of which probably you have booked your trip. But do not you know how to get to central London from your airport? The GoEuro website has an infographic with all the possible alternatives for and more info with the airports to fly to London.

4. Know the transport in London

The transport network in London is one of the most efficient in the world. It consists of metro, bus, train, DLR light rail and boat. The best way to explore central London is on foot, but if you need transportation, the metro and the mythical red buses are the best options. Here are some tips on transport in London:

Areas: it is divided into 9 zones, of which 1 and 2 are the ones that concentrate most of London’s tourist attractions and their accommodations.

Fee difference: there are two different rates to move around London depending on the schedule: the Peak, which is more expensive, which is applied on daily days from 06:30 to 09:30 and from 16:00 to 19:00; and the Off-Peak, the rest of the day. This differentiation does not apply to buses and trams.

Individual tickets VS bonuses: It will always be more profitable to travel using bonds and cards than buying individual tickets. The transport card par excellence is the Oyster card, although there are also the one- and seven-day Travelcards and the one-day tickets for buses and trams.

Daily cap: One of the advantages of traveling with the Oyster is that there is a daily spending limit, regardless of the times you use the transport. This limit is marked by the type of transport you have used (the cap for the metro and train are higher than those of the bus and tram). Keep in mind that the days count from 04:30 in the morning, so you will be within that limit until 04:29 in the morning of the next day.

Rates for children: there are special rates for children under 16 on all transport.

Online help: to plan the trip, locate your hotel and the most important attractions, you can have a look at the official Transport for London website.

5. Transportation voucher and London Pass

What is clear is that it is convenient to get a transport voucher since individual tickets are very expensive, it all depends on the duration of the trip: we see some cases:

As for the London Pass, we only see it advisable if you plan to visit a lot of attractions and the sum of the tickets will cost you a peak. Be careful, some of the most important points of the city are not included. You also have the possibility of joining an Oyster Travelcard transport card, valid during the same period, but they do not usually compensate if compared to the “daily cap” of a normal Oyster card.

Okay, now what transportation bonus suits me and I decide for the London Pass? It always depends on the number of days and the number of things you want to visit. We put several examples:

From 1 to 5 days and preference for free attractions. Oyster Card.

6 to 7 days and preference for free attractions. Travelcard 7.

6. Apps to help the traveler

They are a fundamental tool of the traveler of the 21st century. These are some applications that will help you in your visit to London:

– CityMapper . It is a very popular application and it helps to move around the city in public transport. We indicate a point of origin and another of destinations and offers us all the possibilities we have to move.

– City Maps 2Go / mTrip / . These apps are very useful to create our own custom maps and use them offline.

– Hotel Tonight. To get last minute hotel rates. If you have already made a reservation but you can cancel it without cost, go take a look from time to time to the offers that appear in this app and if it appears the one that suits you, reserve and cancels the other one!

7. Free attractions

Not another thing, but London for this is the world capital! It offers lots of free attractions and you know “everything that is free is good”. You can visit without scratching your pocket museums such as the British Museum, the Tate Modern, the National Gallery or the Southbank Center, parks and open spaces such as Hyde Park, Primrose Hill, and Hampstead Heath and attend events as typical as the Changing of the Guard in Buckingham Palace. Also if you agree on the “First Thursday” you may have some “gift” in the galleries and museums you visit

Also, do not forget the free tours around the city, several companies offer them and, although they do not have a fixed price, a tip is always welcome. And you will always have many free events scattered around the city, see here .

8. Coupons: a way to save in restaurants

There are websites where you can find real bargains: 50% menus, 2 × 1 and many more offers. Sign up before you go on a trip and check out the existing promotions to enjoy deluxe backpacker pocket-size dining experiences. your ap

And of course, the ” happy hours “! To find some sites you can have a look at this website.

9. Events

London is a living city, it does not sleep, it does not rest, it does not stop evolving, it does not get bored! So if you want to squeeze it as much as possible, check the events scheduled for the days of your visit. You can take a look at some of these websites:   calendar of events in London, and events in London.

10. Check the opening dates of the markets

Camden, Portobello, Bricklane, Borough … in London, the options for enjoying life at the top (and the occasional purchase) are not lacking. In the city there are dozens of markets and, although most reach their peak on Sundays, during the week you can find many alternatives. Check which of them are open on the dates of your trip to London:

Camden: Monday to Sunday from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Portobello: the antiquarian market opens only on Saturdays from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. On Friday there are plenty of open stalls and during the whole week there are fruit and vegetable stalls.

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The best way to explore Bhutan!

Trekking is one of the best ways to explore Bhutan. It allows one to experience the pristine environment, camp in untouched river valleys and at the foot of virgin mountains peaks, and get in touch with the local lifestyle and culture.

snowman trek in bhutan at bokar tours

With its natural environment pristine and protected and two-thirds of the country under forest cover, Bhutan is easily one of best trekking destinations on the planet. If you relish hiking through stunningly beautiful Himalayan landscapes, Bhutan is your destination.

To get high quality Trekking tour in Bhutan is definitely a unique experience and a visit to this special kingdom would be incomplete without a trek. Besides the breathtaking landscape, Bhutan is also home to an astonishing diversity of mammal, avian and plant species, which include the rare and endangered. In the ancient days, Bhutan was known as the “Southern land of medicinal herbs” by its northern neighbours. Today, Bhutan is recognised as one of the 10 biological hotspots in the world.

You will experience this richness as you hike through pastoral settings, temperate and alpine vegetation and glacial lakes high up in the mountains. You will also come across ancient monasteries and fortresses and get the opportunity to explore, up close, the unique cultures of nomadic communities of the highlands.

Spring and Autumn are the best times to trek in Bhutan. The weather is clear, there is plenty of sunshine and the daytime temperatures are just about right.

Hiking and trekking routes vary from hour long to half-day hikes to month long expeditions that go near its northern frontiers. There are various choices for trekking in Bhutan. Some take you to real wilderness while others bring you in touch with rural life.  The trails are generally in good condition.

Trekking in Bhutan can be quite challenging so physical fitness is essential. Some trekking routes go over mountain passes which are more than 4,000 metres high and the terrain can get extremely rugged. Acclimatisation to the altitude is essential.

Routes are graded from easy, moderate to strenuous depending on the altitude, daily walking hours and length.

Easy routes generally involve walking three to fours a day at a steady altitude and lasts between three to four days. Moderate routes have more noticeable ascents and descents and daily walking hours is more than four hours. It might involve going over one or two mountain passes. The strenuous and hard routes are extremely challenging and involve more than seven walking hours a day. Altitudes can vary significantly along the route going beyond 5,000 metres. The trek can stretch for more than a week to three weeks and is meant for seasoned trekkers.

If you are looking for guided tours and travel pacakges in Bhutan then look no further book your holidays with bokar in bhutan and you will thank later. Spend nights in tents at a designated spot where water and meals will be served. Equipment and supplies are carried by pack animals.

Treks can be customised to suit preferences in facilities offered to number of days. Luxury trekking packages are also available with beds and hot shower inside a tent.

Experienced and trained guides and chefs, well versed with all the trekking routes and in handling emergencies, accompany all trekking tours, whether it is a single women trekker or a group.

Standby helicopter evacuations to address medical or natural emergencies is a standard prerequisite that comes together with the overall trekking package and insurance requirements.

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Top 10 Best Travel Websites

Travel makes us dream. Do you want adventure and discovery? Do you have your travel bag completely new and ready to use? But from where? when? how? for how long? With what budget?

These questions lead many people to give up and abandon their dreams of adventure. With so much information, you do not know where to start looking! Good news! We have done research to find some of the best sites on the web, which will help you decide your next destination.

This list is not exhaustive, of course, but you will surely find something useful between some of these sites.

1. Lonely Planet

It is a mine of information for those who wish to go on a trip. You can find almost anything you want to know and what you need for a stay abroad: guides, information on thousands of destinations, assistance in travel insurance, budgets, the culinary specialties of each country, hotels, flights, car rentals. .. even the climate of your destiny!

2. Airbnb

The concept is simple: with Airbnb, you will have the opportunity to find comfortable accommodation for your trip … and in a house. The site offers to choose your destination, length of stay and the number of travelers. Next, you have access to a list of different rooms or units offered by the inhabitants of the city you have chosen. Prices may vary throughout, you can limit your search according to your budget.

3. Rome2Rio

How to get from Rome to Rio? How to get to New York from Vancouver? The Rome2rio website will guide you from point A to point B and will show you all the possibilities that exist to go where you want. By bus, train, plane, carpool … In addition, of course, you have an indication of the cost of each trip, which will allow you to choose the most economical way for your trip.

4. Bla Bla Car

Is the train and the plane very expensive? Are bus trips too long? Do not you have a car? No problem! Carpooling is the answer to all your transportation concerns. Bla Bla Car offers a platform where you can find a car sharing link in the destination of your choice. Advantages: Pay half the price of your trip and meet different people. The site operates in 13 countries for more than 10 million registered members.

5. Couch Surfing

Literally, surfing on sofas. This site was all new in its beginnings in 2004, traveling wherever you want and sleeping for free in a stranger’s. That is the motto of the site, to think that we all have friends in any part of the world that we do not know yet, but who are willing to welcome us with open arms in the country. The Couch Surfing network represents 9,000,000 customers in more than 120,000 cities worldwide.

6. Around the World Tours

This site offers endless possibilities for guided tours around the world. Travel around Europe, America, around the world, thematic trips, tailor-made trips, all inclusive … You will find a lot of travel options and you just have to choose the one that best suits you. This is the ideal place for adventurers who want to organize anything!

7. A world for 3

This page shows the adventures of a family (of 3 members) traveling around the world, seeing new things, and experiencing at the same time, how family relationships develop and evolve as time passes. The page is very complete, it is simple, and has many tips on different destinations.

8.  Xixerone

“Luis Cicerone is a twenty-year-old blogger and specialist in online tourism marketing”, that is the description that Luis Cicerone, alias Xixerone, gives of himself. A passionate about art, history, culture and “urban chaos”. In this blog, Xixerone writes about his adventures and his misadventures during his travels. It has no loss …

9. My Travel Guide

“A travel page whose objective is to spread the traveling virus”, that is the spirit of this page The page was born in 2008 and continues to grow day by day with more information about different destinations, adding more images, videos, and ideas for travel enthusiasts.

10. Expert Vagabond

It is the blog of Nanzy, travel expert and photographer; Nanzy decided to share his vagabond life with the rest of the world. Their destinations are often surprising, and they do not stop us from dreaming.


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How to travel from Europe to the United States cheaply?

When we look for ways to travel from Europe to the United States on a budget, we lose ourselves in the infinite pages that the Internet has to offer us with offers, discounts, and others, so we are going to show you several tips and websites to find a trip to Los Angeles, Washington or New York from regular destinations such as London or Paris or some different ones like Madrid or Frankfurt.

1. Use flight comparators

There are many and some very good since they work with a synchronized algorithm with travel agencies, airlines, virtual operators and a whole host of companies to offer the cheapest flights. Some include combinations with train, bus or shared car, with which the offer is extended and reduces the final price to reach a destination.

  • Google Flights

Google Flights is a good option as long as you have flexible dates to travel or it is unimportant to get to nearby cities, as it shows you the cheapest options around the city where you are going to travel. It also includes the main airport of the destination you choose, but it also tends to be more expensive. The good thing about the tool is the number of options it has.

  • Matrix Airfare Search

Matrix Airfare Search is for more advanced users, above all, because it has a more elaborate panel than the usual ones, so it may take a little more effort to manage it, but nothing that can not be ” flipped “.

  • Kayak

A kayak is a virtual tool that has been announced on television for a few years and has become very popular lately to search for flights. Price charts, airline options, but also hotels and cars.

  • Sky Scanner

Simple tool to use and many times will give you a much lower price than usual since it has a greater depth of search than others in the sector. In addition, his travel blog and advice is one of those ‘ forced reading ‘.

2. See flights directly in the companies with transatlantic flights

These days, the companies themselves use several distribution channels and prices to try to reach all possible users. That is why there are less known airlines with unbeatable prices that should be considered for such options.

  • Wow Air
  • From Dublin to Boston for $ 199 including a stop in Reykjavik, amazing, right? Well, like this price, many. The company usually makes offers or prices that make the whole market shake from time to time and if you do not mind stopping at an intermediate destination for a few hours or a day, you should think about saving brutally.
  • Norwegian Airlines
  • A little-known low-cost airline, although it offers destinations such as the United Kingdom at a very competitive price. In addition, you also have the opportunity to travel to Lauderdale, Los Angeles, New York, Oakland, and Orlando.
  • XL Airways France
  • Do you know her? Well, if the answer is no, the same has happened to you as to many Europeans, since this reference company in France is little given to publicity. Join the Paris Charles de Gaulle airport in Los Angeles, Miami, New York or San Francisco with round-trip fares around € 600. Amazing, right?

3. Create flight search alerts

What if instead of looking for flights and offers, you make them reach you? Normally, we do it the other way around, but if you receive in your email the different offers of the company, you may find something special for a break and end up thanking them.

The most common are Kayak Alerts and Airfare Watchdog Alerts.

4. Other tips for traveling from Europe to the United States cheaply

There are more methods to save a few euros and that will make everything you save, you can spend on a good dinner or buying a gift to a family friend. Or if not, on a next trip.

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Top 10 Meetup in London for Adventurous Minds

When you move to a new city or just travel with friends, looking for new and fun adventures can cause more than one headache. One way to meet people from all over the world and have fun is the Meetup groups. These groups are created by the members themselves, which focus on topics as varied as travel, sports, languages or even sewing. In short, Meetup is a good option to visit a city in a different way, doing activities that you would not do otherwise.

A good example is London, the English capital is known for its great multicultural diversity and it would be a shame not to be able to enjoy everything it offers us. So if you decide to visit London for a few days or move to live there, why not give a little emotion to your days while you meet people?

To help you find the groups that best fit your tastes or hobbies we have made a list of the best Meetups in London.

Mammoth London Language Exchange

It is a great choice to practice a language and meet people. This interesting group not only meets once a week to exchange languages but in some cases it is also a cultural, social and sporting event. The members are between the ages of 18 and 40 and practice more than 30 languages. Beware, your jaw could be affected after a whole night talking 2 or 3 languages!

London Photographic Workshop

Photography can be complicated. It seems quite simple to press a button and take a picture, but originality and a good photographic technique are not so simple. This group is ideal if you are looking to learn or even teach about the wonderful world of photography. In addition, this group offers several workshops on different styles of photography: nature, portrait, outdoor photography and much more.

Free London Events

London is a big city, but costs can get out of hand if you’re not careful. This Meetup offers fun, and most importantly, FREE. Outdoor music, sports activities or comedies are just some examples. The excuse of being without money will not be useful!

The London Movie Meetup Group

For all movie lovers, this Meetup is the perfect group. Each month, the members vote for a film, they are left to carry out the corresponding criticism and in the process take something. Relax, you do not need to know everything about Orson Welles or La Nouvelle Vague to feel comfortable in the group, the most important thing is to discover new genres and share opinions about the most famous and not so famous movies.

Twenty Something

The central themes and activities that are organized in these groups are very important when you choose a Meetup group. But they will never be as important as the people who are part of them! You can find groups by age range in Meetup, and it would be a good idea to have one of these on your list.

The age range of this group can be limited but on the contrary, the activities organized in it are not: night outings, museums, paintballs, picnics, secret theaters … Its members are nice and open-minded people, and If you are a twentysomething (or you feel like one of them), join because they will welcome you with open arms.

London Running Bootcamp & Breakfast

Do you love sports but hate the feeling of testosterone and the gym environment? Well, you do not need to supply protein to join this group. It’s about taking some fresh and energizing air in the most healthy and positive way. After a little exercise, the group enjoys a nice and well-deserved breakfast. Keeping fit at the same time you make friends may be a great plan for the next weekend.

Creative Yoga London

Have you ever thought about the union of Yoga and Raves? Well, this particular and unique yoga group in London brings together activities such as social yoga on Tuesdays, Raves yoga or even helps improve your love life (if necessary) with original events such as “Yoga Dating”. These yoga groups in the city are growing faster than ever, why not participate in one of them?


These people call themselves ‘Outdooraholics’ and that is for one reason only. In this group, you will have the opportunity to participate in organized trips to perfection to escape the traffic jams and bustle of the streets of the city of London. It consists of a nice two-week excursion to the outskirts of London hiking.

London Culture Seekers

Ever wondering where Jack the Ripper committed his murders or where Shakespeare found his inspiration? Well nobody is more excited to explore the heart of London than these guys. Strolling, discovering walks, museums and art galleries, opera, games, excursions or even a simple coffee are a list of the monthly activities that are organized.


Many of us have dreamed of knowing everything about the mute wine or exotic foods (and boast about them in the most select parties). However, this could be a bit difficult to achieve, since there are hundreds of things to discover in the culinary arts and it is not easy to know where to start. The activities in this group not only include savoring food and drinks, but also painting on glass, visits to wineries and much more.

You are ready to join! However, you are probably thinking “can you go alone?”, The answer is YES, you can. It’s even better, since in this way you get to fully enjoy this experience.


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15 Denied Myths of Tourism

Everyone who has traveled will know that throughout the world of tourism there are a thousand and one myths since having your mobile phone can cause a plane to fall until the airline tickets well in advance usually lower the total cost From the trip. Myths of tourism that are not entirely true.

1. Jetlag is caused by lack of sleep

Completely contrary to what most people believe, jetlag is not caused by lack of sleep but is attributed to the physical shock that afflicts our body when traveling through different time zones. The circadian rhythm (or our internal clock) regulates our sleep and hours of eating and depends mainly on external factors such as day and night light. But, that’s not all, since sleeping pills do us a disservice since they are only useful for the plane because even if we use it for the jetlag they can even extend its effect. The best way to cope is to return to your routine as soon as possible.

2. Flight purchases months in advance lower your cost

Although the common rule of airlines is to publish their rates between 6 and 12 months in advance, due to the rise of the Internet and new channels of purchase, they are constantly changing the prices of tickets and is about two months before of the date of flight, perhaps the best days to buy. But, we will never really know exactly.

3. Last minute offers are the cheapest

It is generally believed that airlines want to fill empty seats at the last minute, but it is not really a bargain nor is it a tempting offer, since tickets purchased between six and eight weeks in advance are usually cheaper. Also, try not to fall in the last hour in high season and in a popular destination, because the prices increase.

4. Tourists are the primary target of pickpockets

Believe it or not, pickpockets and local criminals are not waiting for the tourist to arrive to rob you. In large cities, above all, minor crimes are common and the percentage that affects tourists is very small. In spite of that, we recommend that you observe your surroundings in large crowds or train and metro stations, in addition to having your belongings guarded at all times.

5. English is spoken anywhere in the world

Yes and no, it is true that English is spoken anywhere in the world, but it is not true that in all areas, since visiting rural or non-tourist areas reduces the possibility of someone defending themselves in the language of Shakespeare. And so you do not get scared, speaking in sign language is not all bad.

6. Taking a period to travel is bad for your curriculum

You will have seen a thousand and one times that in countries like England, people take a year off to know what they want to do if they study if they specialize in something … Well, having a space in your resume to travel is not bad, it will not be negative for your curriculum and it will show that you are interested in experiment around you, to know the world better and that you have the ability to adapt. So, use this to your advantage and emphasize traveling as a relevant and acquired skill, sure to help you.

7. Traveling is expensive

A tremendous sentence that you have heard several times, but that is not true. While that phrase refers to decades ago when only people with certain economic capacity were traveling, nowadays tourism has become an easily practicable and more or less cheap experience. There are many options such as couch-surfing, staying in hostels or take advantage of offers and car sharing.

8. Bargaining is a common practice in many countries

It is said that merchants see tourists from afar, but that does not mean that they immediately raise their prices as they go in their store. While it is true that certain countries have that tradition of bargaining, it can be considered part of the charm of the tourist destination.

9 . A mobile phone can cause an airplane crash

While it is true that mobiles and other electrical devices interfere with the signals of the plane, they do not cause the plane to crash. In fact, the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) has recently said that the technology to use cell phones on the plane is available.

10. Air from the plane will cause you a cold

The air of the plane is recycled, yes, but that does not mean that it causes you an illness, because even if it is recycled it must also be said that it is filtered. It may be that what causes you discomfort or fatigue is the change of environment and that it makes you more susceptible to contracting diseases. Therefore, stay hydrated and wash your hands.

11. Getting to the sites early avoids queues

Perhaps the greatest of the myths we have always heard. But, think that if everyone wants to go early to see something tourist, is not it already full? Well, that, tourist attractions and monuments are going to be full almost all day, no matter what time you go.

12. Organized trips are not the best way to know the place

While many people think that the most natural and authentic experience of seeing a city is individual, make a mistake. While this gives you the feeling that you are experiencing the city like a local, most of the time you will be lost from the most interesting routes and lose time when you only have a few days to see a destination, it’s bad business. So let yourself be advised by a local or be accompanied by a guide and mix it with around you alone, you can be curious and planner at the same time.

13. Bottled water is always a safe bet

Exotic, unusual destinations are usually recommended with bottled water. However, not all bottled water is safe to drink, as some brands bottle water from nearby sources that may be cleaner than tap water, but only a little. So, we advise you to look carefully at the origin of bottled water.

14. The food of street vendors is very bad

This warning is fine for some destinations, but in some cities street food is a wonder and a whole tourist experience to live. It is always a good idea to use common sense and discretion to choose food cooked by street vendors, but at least once in a lifetime you should try New York hot dogs or a spicy snack in Beijing.

15. The best place to buy is the duty free

Unfortunately this belief is only true with very expensive items or with very high taxes. In most cases, duty free can have prices up to two and three times higher than their normal market price, so pay attention to what you buy.

Perhaps the greatest of the myths we have always heard. But, think that if everyone wants to go early to see something tourist, is not it already full? Well, that, tourist attractions and monuments are going to be full almost all day, no matter what time you go.

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10 Creative Travel Photography Tricks

You have a fascinating new camera or you recover that old one that you did not use for your next trip, but you need to know what you can do.

That’s why, in this article, we give you 10 creative travel photography tricks and not get lost on the way.

 1. Come closer without fear!

As easy as it sounds. Each camera, especially if you use different lenses, has different distances to obtain clear images. Try from different lengths until the camera can not focus and you will know what is the maximum you can achieve nearness. Now, try it as in the example photograph.

2. Blur, create a sweep

Many think that the sweep is not interesting, that it is a disposable photo, but as you see in the picture that illustrates, it is not like that. It is a method that works very well at night and with bright areas, so if your trip is an urban area, it may be your technique. In an SLR camera, it works in manual mode.

3. Try different angles

Move from one place to another and photograph an object or a person from different points of view, you never know which angle is best for each one. Kneel, lie down, sit or climb to a nearby high point, maybe get a chop or a shot to remember.

4. Black and white

Perhaps it is the most basic of the 10 tricks of creative travel photography, but without a doubt it is also one of the most creative and stimulating. You can do this process in two different ways, or with the normal configuration of your camera and take the photo in black and white directly, or normal and then process it on your computer. You can even do it online directly on the Fotor website .

5. Selfie or selfie

Although it is now called a selfie, the so-called selfie is already part of the youth vocabulary in Spanish for years. A way that has increased its extension due to the known as ‘ Selfie Stick ‘ or ‘Stick of selfie’. Will you fall into the temptation to make yourself a selfie?

6. Photo editor

You have a good picture, but you still know that adding some detail would be great, of those to teach and share on your social networks. Perhaps, the touch you lack is that of a photo editor and the use of some effect. You can use an app like Snapseed or some online service to give it the last touch up like:

7. Lens Flares

The sun, at times, can be a great ally for your photography. Try to take advantage of the situation of the object near your camera and take advantage of the glow of light. A photo that could be the cover of any country in summer time.

8. Long exposure

One of the 10 most aesthetic creative travel photography tricks. If you put your SLR camera in manual mode (M) and select the shutter speed around 10-15 seconds and the aperture between f / 16, you will get an image similar to the one above (at least the attempt). Other important tips are to leave the ISO of the camera at 100 and put the camera on a firm surface such as a table or use a tripod. This type of images take time, so patience.

9. Short exposure

A good method to photograph objects or people in the movement. Of course, you need a lot of light, so we recommend you use the short day and sun exposure, if possible. Put your SLR camera in manual mode (M) and the shutter speed between 1/250 and 1/320 seconds (higher if the object moves very quickly). If you want the background to be blurred, open your shutter to the lowest point and let yourself be surprised by the camera. One last photography advice, avoid using an ISO higher than 1000, because your photos may suffer from noise or grainy effect.

10. Zoom effect

Without a doubt, the trick that will make you the king of travel photography. You need to change the shutter speed to a higher exposure, put your camera on a tripod and then press the shutter button while keeping your hands still.

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