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7 Advantages That will Help you Decide – Travel alone? 

What are the advantages of traveling alone?

When you take the step and for the first time you dare to take a trip you only have before you a world of possibilities. Only you decide how the story of that trip will be and how you want to face it.

And that is a feeling of 100% freedom that you will never forget.

1. Know yourself

You will spend a lot of time with yourself, so if you do not support yourself, you will tell me who is going to do it. Do not waste this great opportunity to listen to you, to know you better and know what you really like and what you do not.

You will discover amazing things about you.

Do not waste ALL your time doing anything just for the sake of “being alone.” It is clear that there will be circumstances in which you can take advantage of these dead times that occur in solo travel (and in the company too) to read ( invest in you: read ), write, study, etc.

But do not fall into the error of not taking advantage of this situation to make a stop and see what is inside you:

  • How you felt before starting the trip.
  • How you feel during the trip.
  • How do you think you ‘ll feel when you come home?

If the answers to these questions cause an improvement in your mood and a smile. You are going the good way.

And since you are, go for all and try to answer:

  • Do I feel good about my current job?
  • What do I want to change my life?
  • When will I do it?
  • Define objectives and goals.

Do you only do this at the end of the year and then in February you forget half?


The best time to mark a turning point is during a solo trip.


  1. You have more time to reflect.
  2. Your feeling of greater freedom to have no “obligations” during the trip makes your head go further and reach points that would be difficult to reach otherwise.

Did you know that within a single trip you can discover many different destinations?

Well, when you travel only one of those destinations you will be yourself. Do not close and give yourself a vacation with yourself.

2. Meet many more people and improve your social skills

When traveling with a partner you are more socially closed. You already have someone to support you if things go wrong, with whom to laugh when the situation requires it or with whom to enjoy the landscape.

If you travel with someone you create a circle in which you can let more people in or not. We have control.

On the other hand, when you travel alone, you are much more socially open.

You know more people. First, because you will seek it, and second because they will also relate more to you. There is no circle here, you do not have security. By necessity, you will be more sociable and many more doors will open.

Among other trips, I have toured Brazil alone for almost 3 months. And for a month and a half the Balkans. Being alone, people came to me anywhere to ask me how I was, where I was from, what I was doing there, what I thought of their country, etc.

Minimum 2-3 people / day.

In the trips in which I have been accompanied by a person, the average has been 2-3 people/month.

If the group grows, relations with the natives decrease.

This is inversely proportional and has nothing to do with your degree of extroversion. The locals do not care if you are shy or not, they are curious and when you go alone they lose the fear of asking.

Tested for 5 years of travel.

If you are an introvert and would like to change this aspect you have a great platform: Social Skill.

3. You can do what you want and when you feel like it

You do not have to answer to anyone or agree with your partner to decide what to see, what and where to eat, when to go to the bathroom, who consult the map, or who asks how to get to that site. You decide everything, which is infinitely more pleasant. Do not waste your time in discussions. Do not repress yourself for things that you stop seeing or doing for the other person and vice versa.

And this exponentially increases your sense of freedom.

In addition, you are 100% free to find the best way to earn money while traveling and extend your trip as much as you want.

4. Improvisation ability

My favorite.

You can skip your plans to do what comes out of the balls every time an opportunity arises.

On the coast of Croatia, I completely changed my route to go to  Hvar, Korčula or the Krka National Park to work in an art gallery. This led Marijeta (my former boss) and me to come together again in Madrid to do an exhibition together in the late autumn of 2014. In addition, we also did a little RoadTrip around Spain.

If you want to know what a RoadTrip is and why you should do one, enter here.

Whenever you choose a path, you lose another. You never know what you’re going to win or what you’re going to lose. So simply follow your instinct and fully enjoy your choice, whatever it may be. The freedom to improvise during the trip also led me to join the adventure of someone I had just met and who was going to a great place where I wanted to go. Again I also went to the party with some great chicxs that I met in a cafeteria.

On the other hand, I joined a cycling route through some Dutch villages that I would never have imagined existed.

When you travel you will only develop your instinct, a capacity that we have atrophied because we do not pay attention to it.

Let yourself go.

5. Intimate relationships

When you go alone the chances of knowing a person and falling in love with them, or having a relationship of a few days or a few hours triples.

I’ve lived in Brazil (you can see it in this article ), in Malta or in Turkey (if you know me one day ask me about Turkey because I can only tell you in private about the seriousness of the matter). If you are in low hours, do not feel good sentimentally or you need to find someone who understands you, do not hesitate and go on a trip alone.

I do not tell you that you are going to find what you expect, on the contrary, you will find what you do not expect.

6. If you are a photographer or you love photography

When I traveled with several people, not all of them wanted to do it at my own pace.

Travel photographers go slow, sometimes very slow.

We may want to return to a place because we know that the next day will make better time, a better light at a certain time or something unusual will appear. I returned to Bahia (from Brasilia about 2 and a half hours flight plus another 2 bus from Salvador to Praia do Forte) because when I was there the first time they told me that in a month and a few whales would start to pass by there.

What decent person would have spent a fortune on a plane to go to a place where he had already been to photograph whales and dolphins?

7. When you start you can not stop

I still do not know a person who has gone on a trip alone and has not repeated. I’m not saying I have not had bad experiences. Eye here, all of us who have traveled alone have experienced very difficult situations and hard times. But what you learn, the experiences you live, and more than that, how you live them, the friends you make along the way, your personal development …

When putting all this on a scale there is nowhere to compare.


And you repeat.

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