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Top 10 Best Travel Websites

Travel makes us dream. Do you want adventure and discovery? Do you have your travel bag completely new and ready to use? But from where? when? how? for how long? With what budget?

These questions lead many people to give up and abandon their dreams of adventure. With so much information, you do not know where to start looking! Good news! We have done research to find some of the best sites on the web, which will help you decide your next destination.

This list is not exhaustive, of course, but you will surely find something useful between some of these sites.

1. Lonely Planet

It is a mine of information for those who wish to go on a trip. You can find almost anything you want to know and what you need for a stay abroad: guides, information on thousands of destinations, assistance in travel insurance, budgets, the culinary specialties of each country, hotels, flights, car rentals. .. even the climate of your destiny!

2. Airbnb

The concept is simple: with Airbnb, you will have the opportunity to find comfortable accommodation for your trip … and in a house. The site offers to choose your destination, length of stay and the number of travelers. Next, you have access to a list of different rooms or units offered by the inhabitants of the city you have chosen. Prices may vary throughout, you can limit your search according to your budget.

3. Rome2Rio

How to get from Rome to Rio? How to get to New York from Vancouver? The Rome2rio website will guide you from point A to point B and will show you all the possibilities that exist to go where you want. By bus, train, plane, carpool … In addition, of course, you have an indication of the cost of each trip, which will allow you to choose the most economical way for your trip.

4. Bla Bla Car

Is the train and the plane very expensive? Are bus trips too long? Do not you have a car? No problem! Carpooling is the answer to all your transportation concerns. Bla Bla Car offers a platform where you can find a car sharing link in the destination of your choice. Advantages: Pay half the price of your trip and meet different people. The site operates in 13 countries for more than 10 million registered members.

5. Couch Surfing

Literally, surfing on sofas. This site was all new in its beginnings in 2004, traveling wherever you want and sleeping for free in a stranger’s. That is the motto of the site, to think that we all have friends in any part of the world that we do not know yet, but who are willing to welcome us with open arms in the country. The Couch Surfing network represents 9,000,000 customers in more than 120,000 cities worldwide.

6. Around the World Tours

This site offers endless possibilities for guided tours around the world. Travel around Europe, America, around the world, thematic trips, tailor-made trips, all inclusive … You will find a lot of travel options and you just have to choose the one that best suits you. This is the ideal place for adventurers who want to organize anything!

7. A world for 3

This page shows the adventures of a family (of 3 members) traveling around the world, seeing new things, and experiencing at the same time, how family relationships develop and evolve as time passes. The page is very complete, it is simple, and has many tips on different destinations.

8.  Xixerone

“Luis Cicerone is a twenty-year-old blogger and specialist in online tourism marketing”, that is the description that Luis Cicerone, alias Xixerone, gives of himself. A passionate about art, history, culture and “urban chaos”. In this blog, Xixerone writes about his adventures and his misadventures during his travels. It has no loss …

9. My Travel Guide

“A travel page whose objective is to spread the traveling virus”, that is the spirit of this page The page was born in 2008 and continues to grow day by day with more information about different destinations, adding more images, videos, and ideas for travel enthusiasts.

10. Expert Vagabond

It is the blog of Nanzy, travel expert and photographer; Nanzy decided to share his vagabond life with the rest of the world. Their destinations are often surprising, and they do not stop us from dreaming.


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