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Top 10 Meetup in London for Adventurous Minds

When you move to a new city or just travel with friends, looking for new and fun adventures can cause more than one headache. One way to meet people from all over the world and have fun is the Meetup groups. These groups are created by the members themselves, which focus on topics as varied as travel, sports, languages or even sewing. In short, Meetup is a good option to visit a city in a different way, doing activities that you would not do otherwise.

A good example is London, the English capital is known for its great multicultural diversity and it would be a shame not to be able to enjoy everything it offers us. So if you decide to visit London for a few days or move to live there, why not give a little emotion to your days while you meet people?

To help you find the groups that best fit your tastes or hobbies we have made a list of the best Meetups in London.

Mammoth London Language Exchange

It is a great choice to practice a language and meet people. This interesting group not only meets once a week to exchange languages but in some cases it is also a cultural, social and sporting event. The members are between the ages of 18 and 40 and practice more than 30 languages. Beware, your jaw could be affected after a whole night talking 2 or 3 languages!

London Photographic Workshop

Photography can be complicated. It seems quite simple to press a button and take a picture, but originality and a good photographic technique are not so simple. This group is ideal if you are looking to learn or even teach about the wonderful world of photography. In addition, this group offers several workshops on different styles of photography: nature, portrait, outdoor photography and much more.

Free London Events

London is a big city, but costs can get out of hand if you’re not careful. This Meetup offers fun, and most importantly, FREE. Outdoor music, sports activities or comedies are just some examples. The excuse of being without money will not be useful!

The London Movie Meetup Group

For all movie lovers, this Meetup is the perfect group. Each month, the members vote for a film, they are left to carry out the corresponding criticism and in the process take something. Relax, you do not need to know everything about Orson Welles or La Nouvelle Vague to feel comfortable in the group, the most important thing is to discover new genres and share opinions about the most famous and not so famous movies.

Twenty Something

The central themes and activities that are organized in these groups are very important when you choose a Meetup group. But they will never be as important as the people who are part of them! You can find groups by age range in Meetup, and it would be a good idea to have one of these on your list.

The age range of this group can be limited but on the contrary, the activities organized in it are not: night outings, museums, paintballs, picnics, secret theaters … Its members are nice and open-minded people, and If you are a twentysomething (or you feel like one of them), join because they will welcome you with open arms.

London Running Bootcamp & Breakfast

Do you love sports but hate the feeling of testosterone and the gym environment? Well, you do not need to supply protein to join this group. It’s about taking some fresh and energizing air in the most healthy and positive way. After a little exercise, the group enjoys a nice and well-deserved breakfast. Keeping fit at the same time you make friends may be a great plan for the next weekend.

Creative Yoga London

Have you ever thought about the union of Yoga and Raves? Well, this particular and unique yoga group in London brings together activities such as social yoga on Tuesdays, Raves yoga or even helps improve your love life (if necessary) with original events such as “Yoga Dating”. These yoga groups in the city are growing faster than ever, why not participate in one of them?


These people call themselves ‘Outdooraholics’ and that is for one reason only. In this group, you will have the opportunity to participate in organized trips to perfection to escape the traffic jams and bustle of the streets of the city of London. It consists of a nice two-week excursion to the outskirts of London hiking.

London Culture Seekers

Ever wondering where Jack the Ripper committed his murders or where Shakespeare found his inspiration? Well nobody is more excited to explore the heart of London than these guys. Strolling, discovering walks, museums and art galleries, opera, games, excursions or even a simple coffee are a list of the monthly activities that are organized.


Many of us have dreamed of knowing everything about the mute wine or exotic foods (and boast about them in the most select parties). However, this could be a bit difficult to achieve, since there are hundreds of things to discover in the culinary arts and it is not easy to know where to start. The activities in this group not only include savoring food and drinks, but also painting on glass, visits to wineries and much more.

You are ready to join! However, you are probably thinking “can you go alone?”, The answer is YES, you can. It’s even better, since in this way you get to fully enjoy this experience.


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