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How to travel from Europe to the United States cheaply?

When we look for ways to travel from Europe to the United States on a budget, we lose ourselves in the infinite pages that the Internet has to offer us with offers, discounts, and others, so we are going to show you several tips and websites to find a trip to Los Angeles, Washington or New York from regular destinations such as London or Paris or some different ones like Madrid or Frankfurt.

1. Use flight comparators

There are many and some very good since they work with a synchronized algorithm with travel agencies, airlines, virtual operators and a whole host of companies to offer the cheapest flights. Some include combinations with train, bus or shared car, with which the offer is extended and reduces the final price to reach a destination.

  • Google Flights

Google Flights is a good option as long as you have flexible dates to travel or it is unimportant to get to nearby cities, as it shows you the cheapest options around the city where you are going to travel. It also includes the main airport of the destination you choose, but it also tends to be more expensive. The good thing about the tool is the number of options it has.

  • Matrix Airfare Search

Matrix Airfare Search is for more advanced users, above all, because it has a more elaborate panel than the usual ones, so it may take a little more effort to manage it, but nothing that can not be ” flipped “.

  • Kayak

A kayak is a virtual tool that has been announced on television for a few years and has become very popular lately to search for flights. Price charts, airline options, but also hotels and cars.

  • Sky Scanner

Simple tool to use and many times will give you a much lower price than usual since it has a greater depth of search than others in the sector. In addition, his travel blog and advice is one of those ‘ forced reading ‘.

2. See flights directly in the companies with transatlantic flights

These days, the companies themselves use several distribution channels and prices to try to reach all possible users. That is why there are less known airlines with unbeatable prices that should be considered for such options.

  • Wow Air
  • From Dublin to Boston for $ 199 including a stop in Reykjavik, amazing, right? Well, like this price, many. The company usually makes offers or prices that make the whole market shake from time to time and if you do not mind stopping at an intermediate destination for a few hours or a day, you should think about saving brutally.
  • Norwegian Airlines
  • A little-known low-cost airline, although it offers destinations such as the United Kingdom at a very competitive price. In addition, you also have the opportunity to travel to Lauderdale, Los Angeles, New York, Oakland, and Orlando.
  • XL Airways France
  • Do you know her? Well, if the answer is no, the same has happened to you as to many Europeans, since this reference company in France is little given to publicity. Join the Paris Charles de Gaulle airport in Los Angeles, Miami, New York or San Francisco with round-trip fares around € 600. Amazing, right?

3. Create flight search alerts

What if instead of looking for flights and offers, you make them reach you? Normally, we do it the other way around, but if you receive in your email the different offers of the company, you may find something special for a break and end up thanking them.

The most common are Kayak Alerts and Airfare Watchdog Alerts.

4. Other tips for traveling from Europe to the United States cheaply

There are more methods to save a few euros and that will make everything you save, you can spend on a good dinner or buying a gift to a family friend. Or if not, on a next trip.

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